Celebrity Patrons show love for Scilly

Alison Steadman OBE, Jude Law and Anneka Rice have thrown their support behind Isles of Scilly charity The Island Haven, becoming its joint Patrons.

The Patrons will support the charity’s mission to build affordable accommodation for islanders undergoing long term and emergency medical treatment on the mainland. Currently, islanders must use costly guest accommodation, causing financial hardship, presenting a barrier to treatment, and stopping islanders from being with loved ones in their time of need.

The charity’s new Patrons have each pledged their support because of their links to the islands.

Television and radio personality Anneka Rice is a long-time supporter of the Isles of Scilly community. She first visited in 1990 when ‘Challenge Anneka’ was asked to build a low water quay for the island of Bryher. Falling in love with the islands, she has been a regular visitor ever since. 

Pledging her support, Anneka Rice said: “I am delighted to support The Island Haven by becoming a Patron. I care very passionately about the islands and know many people who will benefit from this facility.”

The Isles of Scilly captured actress Alison Steadman OBE’s heart when she visited in 2016 to film ‘Little British Islands’ for Channel 4. In a Radio Times interview, she revealed that, of all the destinations she saw, it was the Isles of Scilly she loved the most.

Of her support for The Island Haven, Alison Steadman OBE said: “The Isles of Scilly are wonderful and beautiful, but they need a secure safe place for people who are seriously ill.”

Actor Jude Law regularly visits the Isles of Scilly on family holidays and claimed in an interview that he is happier in the Isles of Scilly than anywhere else in Britain.

On the appointment of the Patrons, Chairman of The Island Haven, Tim Guthrie, commented: “We are delighted and honoured to have Anneka Rice, Alison Steadman OBE and Jude Law as Patrons for the charity. All three have strong connections to the islands, and their support will be key in helping us raise awareness of how desperately the facility is needed.”

The Island Haven is fundraising to build and equip a place for the people of the Isles of Scilly to stay in times of need when undergoing mainland medical treatment.

The Island Haven, which will be built at Royal Cornwall Hospital Treliske in Truro, will also be available for use by visitors to the islands undergoing emergency medical treatment.

The Island Haven Patrons Alison Steadman OBE, Jude Law and Anneka Rice

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