Adam’s Story

October 20, 2022

Adam was a seasonal worker on St Martin’s, enjoying his summer exploring Scilly until one afternoon, his dreamy island life was shattered…

“I have always had a severe peanut allergy, and unfortunately, late one afternoon, I ate a contaminated cake. I went into anaphylactic shock, and the paramedics came over from St Mary’s.

“They sped me to St Mary’s Hospital, but they said somebody in my condition needed to be in a major hospital, so I was flown out to Treliske in Truro. 

“I arrived at Treliske at 8.30 pm, and once the doctors decided that I was stable, they discharged me at 10.30 pm. I asked if I could be kept in for the night, given that I was from Scilly, but they said that would not be possible.

“The hospital staff weren’t able to recommend a hotel or BnB for me to stay at; all they gave me was the number for a local taxi company. Being from Essex, I had no family or friends that could help me out, and I didn’t know the area at all.

“I decided to get the last train to Penzance and spent £175 to stay at the Premier Inn there. Had I not had my wallet and phone on me when the paramedics took me off St Martins, I have no idea how I’d have spent the night in Cornwall or returned to Scilly.

“The Island Haven would have been incredibly helpful as the hospital staff would have known where to direct me, even late at night. Having a safe and easy-to-access bed for the night for situations like this would be invaluable for islanders, seasonal staff and visitors.”